MyShelf Desktop Portable For Windows 10 PC

MyShelf Desktop Portable for windows 10 usability MyShelf is the personal shelf for notes, pictures, links, and text snippets.

Support Device: Windows
Apps Category: Text Snippets A NET

Caboodle For Windows 10 PC

Caboodle for windows 10 usability Collect random snippets of text or images

Support Device: Mac
Apps Category: Text Snippets

Hot Copy Paste For Windows 10 PC

Hot Copy Paste for windows 10 usability Enhances Windows Clipboard with multiple snippets, storage and full-text search

Support Device: Windows
Apps Category: Full text search Paste Copy Paste Text

ScrapBook Plug-in for Firefox For Windows 10 PC

ScrapBook Plug-in for Firefox for windows 10 usability Save and manage text snippets, notes and more

Support Device: Windows
Apps Category: Edit Text Edit Web Save Text