Regex Match Tracer For Windows 10 PC

Regex Match Tracer for windows 10 usability A tool to write, test, debug regex

Support Device: Windows
Apps Category: Test Match Test Tool A NET

Family of Fish For Windows 10 PC

Family of Fish for windows 10 usability Family of fish is the name of a new thrilling match three puzzle game that offer the excitement and fun one wishes to experience through puzzle games, along with the ability to test the logical reaction ability of players through the perfectly

Support Device: iPhone
Apps Category: Reaction Game Test Match A NET

My love calculator test For Windows 10 PC

My love calculator test for windows 10 usability Do you have an affection, crush or simply love someone? Do you want to see if your names are a match made in Heaven? Look no further, this app will help you calculate your romantic compatibility percentage.

Support Device: iPhone
Apps Category: Love Calculator Love Match Love Percentage

Cartoon Flip Garden For Windows 10 PC

Cartoon Flip Garden for windows 10 usability Cartoon Flip Garden is an IQ test card type puzzle game, players need to remember that eighteen of the contents of the card, and in the shortest time to make a match.

Support Device: Android
Apps Category: Iq Game Iq Test Test Match

Monkey Match For Windows 10 PC

Monkey Match for windows 10 usability Monkey Match - Test Your Reaction - train your reaction and hand-eye coordination with these funny colorful monkeys!

Support Device: Java
Apps Category: Eye Hand Coordination Eye Test Hand Eye