Zuma's Revenge! For Windows 10 PC

Zuma's Revenge! for windows 10 usability Another crazily addictive PopCap puzzle game!

Support Device: Windows Mac Windows Phone Web Apps Java
Apps Category: Addictive Games Addictive Puzzle Ball Game

Zuma For Windows 10 PC

Zuma for windows 10 usability Defend the golden skull with the ball-firing frog

Support Device: Windows Mac Palm OS Pocket PC Windows Mobile
Apps Category: Zuma Zuma Games Addictive Puzzle

Zuma Marble Legend For Windows 10 PC

Zuma Marble Legend for windows 10 usability Eliminate colored marbles in this addictive game

Support Device: Android
Apps Category: Zuma Zuma Games Addictive Games

Tetris For Windows 10 PC

Tetris for windows 10 usability Free version of the classic falling bricks game

Support Device: Android Java iPhone Windows Phone Symbian
Apps Category: Xbox Xbox Achievements Xbox Live

Angry Birds For Windows 10 PC

Angry Birds for windows 10 usability Addictive puzzle game: kamikaze birds against the pigs

Support Device: Windows Android Mac Windows Phone iPhone
Apps Category: Game engine games Xbox Xbox Live