UltraMP3 For Windows 10 PC

UltraMP3 for windows 10 usability Play MP3 and OGG files on your S60 cellphone

Support Device: Symbian
Apps Category: UltraMP3! Cellphone Cellphone

SmartMovie For Windows 10 PC

SmartMovie for windows 10 usability Practical video converter and viewer

Support Device: Symbian
Apps Category: A NET

Ringtone Maker For Windows 10 PC

Ringtone Maker for windows 10 usability Create free custom ringtones for your smartphone

Support Device: Android Windows Windows Phone iPhone Symbian
Apps Category: Design Drag And Drop Edit For

Platypus For Windows 10 PC

Platypus for windows 10 usability Pilot your trusty Platypus and save peaceful Mungola

Support Device: Windows Mac Palm OS Symbian Windows Mobile
Apps Category: Scripting Clay Graphics And Soundtrack

Puppy Talk For Windows 10 PC

Puppy Talk for windows 10 usability Cute puppy who repeats everything you say

Support Device: Symbian Java
Apps Category: Voice Speak Voice Talk A NET

Cars 2 For Windows 10 PC

Cars 2 for windows 10 usability Rayo McQueen and co. return to the race track

Support Device: Windows iPhone Symbian
Apps Category: Race Track Track Racing A NET

QQ Browser For Windows 10 PC

QQ Browser for windows 10 usability Browser for Java

Support Device: Java Symbian
Apps Category: QQ Qq Browser A NET

Nokia 3D Theme For Windows 10 PC

Nokia 3D Theme for windows 10 usability Add a new dimension to your Nokia phone with this theme

Support Device: Symbian
Apps Category: Nokia Theme A NET A NET

Fruit Ninja For Windows 10 PC

Fruit Ninja for windows 10 usability Go crazy with a sword and a load of fruit

Support Device: Symbian
Apps Category: A NET A NET

Kik For Windows 10 PC

Kik for windows 10 usability Basic chat app that aims to be more than just a messaging service

Support Device: Android Windows Phone Java Symbian BlackBerry
Apps Category: Text chat Instant Messenger Instant Text