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SevenVG RC (Windows 7 Theme) is one of the best Themes apps software basic on Symbian that can be installing for PC windows 10/7/8.1 & Laptop MAC.

SevenVG RC (Windows 7 Theme) windows 10

SevenVG RC (Windows 7 Theme) showcase: Transform Windows XP into Windows 7 in two clicks

Now that the download period for Windows 7 Beta is over, many people may have lost their chance to try Microsoft's new operating system. If you're among them, worry not: you still have the opportunity to take a sneaky peek at Windows 7, even if it's only by disguising your dear old Windows XP as the new Microsoft OS.

SevenVG RC Theme is a nicely tailored Windows 7 skin that gives Windows XP the new look. The theme is dead easy to install – something you don't usually find in this kind of software - and includes a wide array of changes: new fonts, new common tasks bar, new window style and much more.

Like I said, SevenVG RC is very easy to use. Simply follow the instructions provided by the developer on his website and you shouldn't have any problem. Bear in mind though that you need the uxtheme.dll file patched to be able to use this and other third-party themes.

The only thing I missed in SevenVG RC was a bit more extra material. It would have been great to also have Windows 7 icons and cursors, more wallpapers and some of the extra features you get in the new operating system, such as Aero Shake (which lets you minimize all windows by shaking one of them with the mouse) or Aero Peek, with which you can make all windows transparent.

SevenVG RC is probably the easiest and fastest way to give your old Windows XP a fresh, brand-new Windows 7 appearance.

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  • SevenVG RC (Windows 7 Theme)
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People Says About SevenVG RC (Windows 7 Theme)

Anonymous 26 August, 2011

Not GOOD. not very cool win 7 and no icons kxkfljghdfjghdjfghdjfghdjfghjdfhgjdfhgjhdfjghdfjhdjfghjfhjdghfjghdjfhgjdfhgfghgfhg

Anonymous 25 June, 2011

SevenVG RC (Windows 7 Theme) for xp. The Best... although it's not 100% win 7 but it's cool,i love it..thanks.. It is very convincing, and easy to install.

Anonymous 30 January, 2011

RUBBISH. Nothing like wondows 7 more windows 98, third party software was detected as virus and was blocked by my anti virus.All in all waste of time..

Anonymous 13 July, 2010

not work. lie. It does not look like Windows 7 at all. The borders don't turn to that nice translucent/glass look like the screen shots say they will. Pros: none Cons: doesn't do what it says it will.

Anonymous 15 May, 2010

Excellant!. Definately the best xp-7 transformer. It is very convincing, and easy to install. Of course, the proper win 7 is better, but if you're running xp, and don't want to or can't install win 7 as a whole new operating system (either wipeing all your data or having 2 windows os) Consider SevenVG RC as your next download. Pros: very nice style easy installation Cons: no new win 7 curses

Anonymous 15 March, 2010

rubbish!. easy to install, fairly small file, all thumbs up, except for one aspect, when you choose this theme in the windows theme manager, it looks nothing like windows 7, it looks like windows 98!