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VRTV VR Video Player is one of the best Video apps software basic on Android that can be installing for PC windows 10/7/8.1 & Laptop MAC.

VRTV VR Video Player windows 10

VRTV VR Video Player showcase: Virtual Reality Video Player and File Browser

Thanks to technological advancements, it is now possible to enhance two- or three-dimensional videos with the help of VR (virtual reality) software. One example of this innovative approach can be seen in an application known as the VRTV VR Video Player. Intended to be used with smartphones, the clever software can quickly transform the traditional viewing experience. It is also able to configure and support several different types of third-party headsets.

Basic Applications and Features

VRTV VR Video Player essentially functions as a software package that will integrate playback between a mobile phone and a headset. It can also synchronise videos across multiple devices simultaneously. The software recognises subtitles and the majority of the most common video codecs are supported. It will also automatically encode files when necessary. Features such as screen locks and thumbnail caching are available in the latest version.

Additional Functions

VRTV VR Video Player is unique in the fact that it provides several different viewing choices. Fisheye objective projection as well as 360-degree panoramic modes are both offered. Side-by-side (SBS) and over-under (OU) formats are likewise supported. All keyboard and gamepad controls can be configured to the requirements of the user. A static video mode is also an excellent feature when longer videos are being watched.

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