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Turbo Booster Pro is one of the best Utilities & Tools apps software basic on Android that can be installing for PC windows 10/7/8.1 & Laptop MAC.

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Turbo Booster Pro showcase: A memory cleaner for your Android device

Turbo Booster Pro is a tool that cleans unnecessary files from the memory of your Android device in order to boost its performance. It has three main functions: deleting residual files, cleaning the RAM memory, and helping you get rid of the applications you don't use anymore.

Thorough cleaning

Turbo Booster's main function is to scan your device to find residual files or memory cache in the operating system. Once these “useless” files are found, they are deleted.

The app also cleans your phone's RAM by stopping tasks that are running in the background but are not relevant for the user.

Additionally, Turbo Booster analyzes your device to create a list of the apps that you use the least. You can select the apps you don't want anymore, and Turbo Booster will delete them one by one.

Once Turbo Booster has carried out the relevant action, it provides a report of the extra memory it has helped you regain.

The app offers also options such as a regular and automatic cleaning of your Android phone's memory, as well as the ability to add a shortcut to the app in your list of notifications.

Turbo Booster can help improve the loading time of certain apps or memory-intensive games.

Everything works with just one tap

Turbo Booster Pro is very easy to use. All functions are activated by simply touching the screen. Navigation between functions works also this way. However, a useful addition would be a section for novice users that explains the benefits of these processes.

Turbo Booster sports a minimalist interface design, meaning your focus is drawn to the central buttons that activate each function.

We really liked the visual report that shows you how much memory you have gained after each clean up. The other functions, such as RAM memory clean up, don't have a similar report. In this sense, Turbo Booster is missing more features that one could expect from this type of app.

Check out performance improvements

An Android device's versatility is its advantage as well as one of its greatest weaknesses. How often have you installed too many external APKs or downloaded an app from the Google Play Store that wasn't compatible with your device, slowing down its performance?

Turbo Booster Pro solves these issues in a fast and simple manner. The difference you'll see varies according to device, but your Android phone's performance will definitely be improved. Although you have to watch an ad after each process, since it's faster than your average app of this type, it's a good alternative to other programs such as Cleanmaster, CCleaner or DU Speed Booster.

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