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Show It 2 Me is one of the best Action apps software basic on Windows that can be installing for PC windows 10/7/8.1 & Laptop MAC.

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Show It 2 Me showcase: A free and interactive VR music video

Show It 2 Me is an experiment with sound, colour, motion and space. The use of VR means that space (vectors + expanse + dimensions) may play an integral part in the way the user experiences the music video.

A free interactive video that is worth trying

Show It 2 Me was released when VR headsets were still rather new and exciting, and where people still wanted to play around with their VR headsets for the experience alone. Free experiments such as Show It 2 Me allow people to play around in virtual reality and to test their VR headsets. Using Google’s Virtual Reality app called Tilt Brush, the developer has set up a bunch of different figures models of things such as cars, disembodied mouths, and so forth. The developer has added movement protocols and then triggers for movements. This means the player is able to manipulate the triggers by moving the VR controllers to see different effects. As an added bonus and to add a little atmosphere, the developer set the VR environment and its special effects to nightclub music.

A nice free gift

Show It 2 Me is not a game, and there is nothing about it that will have people queuing up online to buy it. Show It 2 Me is the result of an experiment the developer tried while using Google’s Tilt Brush. The experience itself is not original, but the content, the atmosphere, and the environment are all unique, and they are set to music. There is nothing to write in your diary about with regards to this VR experience, but there is also nothing wrong with it.

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