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Remember is one of the best apps software basic on PWA that can be installing for PC windows 10/7/8.1 & Laptop MAC.

Remember windows 10

Remember showcase: Simple to-do list for your desktop

Remember is a neat little application that puts a simple to-do list on your desktop, or waiting in your menu bar.

There are plenty of productivity apps out there, but some are so complex that it feels like using them is a task in itself. Remember strips everything back to just a list, that you can check items off as they get done. There are no complications like syncing, sharing or clever processes.

You add items in order, and can add subtasks if necessary. That's as complex as it gets. The interface is super minimal, and its subdued color means it doesn't distract from the rest of the screen. Better still, Remember can add itself to your menu bar, only popping up when you click the icon.

The downside to Remember is that its simplicity might be too limiting for some people. However, it's not designed to be a complicated process manager, and it works really well just as a to-do list.

Remember will help you keep track of your tasks, and is ideal for anyone who thinks getting things done has become too complicated!

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