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Net Nanny Parental Controls is one of the best Networking apps software basic on Windows that can be installing for PC windows 10/7/8.1 & Laptop MAC.

Net Nanny Parental Controls windows 10

Net Nanny Parental Controls showcase: Parental control made right

Anyone with kids worries about what they might be exposed to on the Internet. To protect them you need to make sure you can monitor their usage of both the internet and the computer. Net Nanny is a parental control tool built to help you do this.

First things first, Net Nanny lets you block inconvenient material such as adult sites, violence or drug related websites. In all there are 31 categories of sensitive material that you can choose to block or not. Net Nanny also integrates Safe Search, a feature which works with most search engines like Yahoo! or Google.

Net Nanny also lets you set time restrictions and decide when your computer is blocked. You can also put limits on games played on internet by your kids.

The best way to use Net Nanny is probably to create profiles for each of your kids and set filters, different login types and passwords for each of them.

Net Nanny will also generate reports of login and usage and keep you aware of any attempts at accessing restricted material.

Although the installation is a little lengthy, Net Nanny will give you good control over what your children can access on your computer.

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Anonymous 8 August, 2012

net nanny does not work. I have had net nanny on 2 computers for the last few years. I recently found out that it does NOT work in any filtering. Anything can be overridden without a password. My son did it, and I did. This is not a product you can trust and obviously, the damage is tremendous. I contacted net nanny and they told me "all computers are different."!!! Not helpful at all. I of course cancelled net nanny and felt others need to know the product does not work. Pros: none. the product does not work. It does not filter and it is easy to override any "controls". Cons: It does not work. It gives you a false sense of security. Customer services is not helpful. Do not purchase this product.