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Music Trainer is one of the best Music & Radio apps software basic on Pocket PC that can be installing for PC windows 10/7/8.1 & Laptop MAC.

Music Trainer windows 10

Music Trainer showcase: Practice your music reading skills

I've never been very good at reading music. In fact, I can't remember a time when I ever read music. I thought it was high time I learned, and luckily, there are loads of apps around that can help you do that - even on mobile device.

Music Trainer, does as its name suggests, teach you how to read music using your Pocket PC. It's pretty basic in terms of its design, but still proves helpful. You're shown a stave and given direction on which position corresponds with which note on it.

The main part of the application though revolves around you guessing the note from its position on the stave. You have a series of buttons at the bottom from A to G and must tap the one that corresponds with the one you see in the stave. Interestingly, if you get it right a smiling fish pops up on the screen, and if it's wrong a sad fish appears. It's a strange incentive for getting it right, but perhaps one that kids will enjoy more than adults.

As I say, it's a fairly basic music trainer and I would've liked to have seen more in the way of stats and records of your progress. You get an indicator of the number of notes per second you're getting, but no history of how you're improving.

Despite its rather simplistic nature though, Music Trainer is surprisingly effective at helping you learn the position of notes on a stave.

You spent a lot of money on your Pocket PC. Let it return the favor by enabling you to practice your music sight reading skills while on the go with Music Trainer by Logic Foundry for Windows Mobile 5.

With the help of happy fish (displayed as a reward for correct answers) and indifferent fish (displayed for incorrect answers) you will soon find your sight reading skills growing by leaps and bounds.

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