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Version avaliable: Windows Windows Phone Rated 9 from 167 votes

Miranda IM is one of the best Chat & Instant Messaging apps software basic on Windows that can be installing for PC windows 10/7/8.1 & Laptop MAC.

Miranda IM windows 10

Miranda IM showcase: Add multiple messaging clients in one simple interface

Miranda IM is a multi-protocol instant messaging client for Windows. Very light on system resources and extremely fast, Miranda IM requires no installation and can be made to fit on a single floppy disk or USB drive.

Featuring a powerful plugin-based framework and boasting over 350 plugins, Miranda IM is one of the most flexible and customisable messaging clients on the planet.

Fixed icon pack packaging AIM: Fixed HTML decoding Jabber: Fixed disconnection issues on ping timeout


Fixed icon pack packaging AIM: Fixed HTML decoding Jabber: Fixed disconnection issues on ping timeout

Miranda IM is a multi protocol instant messenger client. It is designed to be resource efficient and easy to use. It uses very little memory and requires no installation.

Just unzip and run! This also makes it ideal for users that want to run their messenger client from a removable storage such as a USB memory stick.

The powerful plugin system makes Miranda IM extremely flexible. Only the most basic features are built in, but there are currently more than 350 plugins available for download that allow users to extend the functionality in Miranda IM.

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Anonymous 13 August, 2010

A Low Resource And Small Sized Instant Messenger [Updated Review]. Miranda is the lowest resource and smallest sized instant messenger of the best 5. It's also the most customizable of the 5. Offering a lot of plugins via their site. The downside to Miranda is it's not that easy to use. Signing into all your services and Miranda itself is harder than it should be. And while it has a ton of plugins available their not as easy to install or use as the others. Overall if you just want a small sized and low resource Instant Messenger and you don't mind sacrificing simplictiy then you should give Miranda a try. It's not a great choice for the average user but some power users might like the stripped down no nonsense Instant Messenger over a higher resourced and bigger file sized alternative. Pros: Highly Customizable Small In Size Low On Resources Cons: Not As Easy To Use As Other Alternatives Plugins Are More Complex Than Other Alternatives Harder To Sign Into Than Other Alternatives

Anonymous 31 July, 2010

Too Basic And Complex For Average Users.. If you talk on Instant Messenger and want a bunch of features prepackaged, then your out of luck with Miranda. Miranda is about as bare bones an Instant Messenger as you can get. There are plugins but their more complex to install over Trillian and Pidgin. The bonus to using Miranda is the fact it is small in size and is resource friendly. The cons as mentioned before is it is very basic and installing plugins are more complex than they should be. It is also harder to set up accounts and have them automatically login in than it's competitors. If your a novice user who likes a user friendly Instant Messenger that is feature packed then you should go with Digsby, Trillian Astra or Pidgin. If you know how to set up an instant messenger and want the bare bones and choose lighter resources and smaller file size over ease of use and feature loaded then give Miranda a shot. Pros: Small File Size Resource Friendly Free Cons: Too Complex To Set Up Accounts Bare Bones Instant Messenger Plugins Are More Complex To Install Than They Should Be

Anonymous 8 December, 2008

awesome IM client. Miranda is the best thing ever! No need for 3 different messengers taking up precious space on my hard drive. Miranda includes them all and makes it easy to communicate with friends. Pros: allows you to switch between ICQ / AOL / MSN / yahoo messenger sweet layout Cons: sometimes the connection is interrupted w/o apparent reason.