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Master Of Magic showcase: Cult classic turn-based strategy game

Master Of Magic is a turn-based strategy game in the style of Civilisation. Players take control of cities and units, manage resources and fight enemies to take control of a randomly generated map.

Old school strategy

Something of a hidden gem, Master Of Magic was released back in 1994 with an obvious heavy influence from similar 4X and strategy titles. Players collect and use resources to build units then attack other enemy factions to earn greater power and influence in a randomly generated map. The game does show its age and lacks any kind of HD upscaling but the core mechanics are the saving grace. The sheer amount of options and play styles available to the user mean that no two games will ever be the same, opening up a potentially limitless repeatability. Some minor RPG and story elements give Master Of Magic a distinct feel against similar titles.

Unlimited games

Master Of Magic has been praised throughout the years for its depth and range of options. The game has MS-DOS style graphics which will either bring nostalgia or confusion to gamers but the base game is worth the time to explore. For fans of the genre, this collection including soundtrack and other goodies is a great pickup.

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