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Google Talk is one of the best Social & Communication apps software basic on BlackBerry that can be installing for PC windows 10/7/8.1 & Laptop MAC.

Google Talk windows 10

Google Talk showcase: A Google Talk client to call your Gmail contacts for free

Google Talk is an instant messaging and VoIP service developed by Google. This client lets you to log in to the service to chat and hold video-conferences with your friends from the Windows desktop.

Call your Gmail contacts

Google Talk is more than just a regular chat: you can also make free PC to PC VoIP calls, and even leave voice messages like an answering machine. If your contacts are also using the Google Talk client, you can send files too. Google Talk is a pure and simple instant messaging service, so forget about the smileys on Skype or the stickers on LINE.

You can also check your Gmail with a quick access button in the main window. It's quite handy, especially since you are notified of every new email you receive.

The set-up is easy and the configuration settings are basic and simple, including automatic start-up when starting Windows, a display of the contact list, and chat history. You'll also be able to manage blocked contacts, notifications, connection via proxy, audio settings, and the appearance of the chat window.

Google Talk uses the Jabber/XMPP open protocol, which means you can also use clients like Pidgin, Miranda, Psi or Trillian.

An old but simple interface

Since the development of Google Talk was interrupted in 2007, its interface looks quite old compared to its competitors (Skype, Facebook Messenger, and LINE). Its simplicity, however, is one of its best features: the main window only displays your contacts –which you can arrange as you like– as well as a few links to access the settings, your inbox, and the Help page. You can also resize the chat windows to make use of as much space on your screen as you want.

A client replaced by Google+ Hangouts

When Google+ Hangouts. was released, Google Talk was made redundant. The service, however, is still working, and with this client, you’ll be able to chat with your Google contacts like the good old days.

Google has replaced Google Talk with Hangouts. You can download Hangouts here.


All you need to sign up with Google Talk is a Gmail account.

Google Talk supports the following formats

Pidgin, Miranda, Psi, Trillian

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People Says About Google Talk

Anonymous 27 October, 2016

I hope google talk never end. Great and interesting not like the others app,you can chat with friends around the world with just one click

Anonymous 23 May, 2015

a very good ex Google App. a very good program which Google should not have discarded... Google would pay the price of too much modernism & novelty... what a shame for Google! Pros: simple interface Cons: not clear video chat

Anonymous 9 April, 2015

Good One. "nice chat program...Simple & friendly use" good work developers :] and some interesting options and details, that other chat-programs dont have. ({[ 'talk'- with google - 'talk' ]}) Pros: and talking,trolling!!! :) talk! Cons: More Stuff IDK what specifically !!! Hmm lemme think !

Anonymous 18 March, 2015

Google talk was Hero but hangouts is Zero. Hangouts is nothing with respect to Google talk. 10/10 for Google talk :) 1/10 for Hangouts :( Pros: Google Talk Cons: Google talk should be back

Anonymous 17 March, 2015

yes i can. iam interisting google talk to my bussines, and good to my company Pros: i like selling and i like money Cons: so far is good

Anonymous 8 March, 2015

Useful. very very useful but i lost it ,and i want get it back, my family is far way from me, Pros: i like it very much. i lost and i get it back Cons: i want it bacb as soon as possible