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Google Maps for mobile is one of the best Browsers apps software basic on Pocket PC that can be installing for PC windows 10/7/8.1 & Laptop MAC.

Google Maps for mobile windows 10

Google Maps for mobile showcase: Enjoy Google Maps from your mobile

Google Maps for mobile lets you carry the power of Google Maps in your pocket, so you don't get lost on your travels.

It's not always practical to carry a map around with you to help you get to where your going. If you find yourself getting lost on a regular basis, or if you're a keen traveler then Google Maps for mobile is the one for you. Besides offering digital urban road maps and satellite views, Google Maps for mobile furnishes you with a bevy of other cool features.

Built on the popular online app, Google Maps for mobile includes an address search with location determination and a built-in route planner. The zoom function is arguably easier to handle than on a PC, through clever use of the joystick or soft keys. If you have GPS functionality on your phone, then Google Maps for mobile is even better because it can show you your current position on the screen.

The search in Google Maps for mobile is as straightforward as ever and also allows you to look for points of interest such as cinemas, shops or restaurants, although the frequency of these will vary depending on where in the World you're looking at. You can even program your own favorites, so that you never need to forget where that nice bar you visited was. The latest version of the app now comes with Street View, so you can get a really close view of major cities.

Provided you have flat rate Internet access on your phone to cover the large amount of data it downloads, Google Maps for mobile represents the perfect way to ensure you always know where you're going.

Street View on your phone, as well as business reviews and walking directions


Street View on your phone, as well as business reviews and walking directions

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People Says About Google Maps for mobile

Anonymous 15 September, 2013

No more ease with mark of many places (stars).. It is terrible! What about the previous version? I could point out my favorite places and mark them with a star.... not any more

Anonymous 21 May, 2012

No go on Sony 810i. I downloaded and installed v 2.3.2 several times. But when I tried to connect it to the web I kept getting an error that said I needed a network connection. My phone has a network connection. All other web apps work fine. Very frustrating.

Anonymous 21 February, 2012

doing good in my CK13i. I am using it since I changed my old phone to Sony Ericsson CK13i. Travelling is the essential part of my job & thats also in hilly areas for me. Google maps 2.3.2 helps me a lot. Its very handy. At the first start, it shows the place with my current location in blinking blue dot. Just type the place you want to get the direction for & also select the mode of travel ie, walking, vehicle etc. you will get the turn by turn directions on the map also with written details. My phone is not GPS embedded but my colleagues always used to say....hey.. your GPS works great buddy....!! Thanx...!! Pros: Quick working. Both satellite & clear maps looks clear. My location function works good in beta version, fortunately works in my phone. turn by turn navigation is most useful during travelling in new places. Cons: till now none.

Anonymous 18 January, 2012

not working. downloaded fine but it is in french not english...I deleted and tried again still in french. frustrating

Anonymous 25 May, 2011

Google Maps Mobile v2.3.2 not working on Sony Ericsson S710a. Google Maps Mobile v2.3.2 Java version not working on Sony Ericsson S710a :-( Installs fine but hangs forever when the app is started - the progress bar progresses very slowly upto a point halfway and then stops, hangs. The previous Java version (don't remember the version number) worked fine. Google doesn't provide the older versions and I can't find any of the older versions anywhere. Please, if somebody knows, provide the older versions. Thanks. Cons: v2.3.2 Java version not working on Sony Ericsson S710a :-(

Anonymous 15 January, 2009

como todo lo inovador de la gente de google magnifico programa!!. me va al 100, solo tengo que decir que es excelente programa pero sobretodo muy facil de usar, bien por la gente de google, un 100!!! Pros: freewareEEEEEEE!!