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Google Keep is one of the best Add-ons & Tools apps software basic on PWA that can be installing for PC windows 10/7/8.1 & Laptop MAC.

Google Keep windows 10

Google Keep showcase: Handy All-in-One Memo Application for Smartphones

Those who lead a hectic life will often benefit from a bit of organization. Google Keep provides a host of user-friendly tools so that information can be recorded within seconds.

Primary Features and Tools

Google Keep provides users with a host of innovative tools. While it is equipped with a standard memo pad, other options such as a voice recorder and a location-based reminder are very unique additions. Users are able to color code specific tasks so that they can be easily found at a later time and as this application is able to be used across multiple devices, it has never been easier to remain organized during even the busiest of days.

Centralized and Powerful

The main intention of Google Keep is to enable the user to enter information within mere seconds. However, it is equipped with a search function so that previous data can be retrieved when required. Labels and notes can be created; ideal for providing a nice visual touch. As the total file size of this application is a mere 6.43 megabytes, it is also extremely lightweight in terms of memory requirements.

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People Says About Google Keep

Dr Sujayaa Gupta 2 July, 2018

ultimate organizer for me. i found it so useful to manage my day to day personal as well as professional activities that i recommend it to everyone i meet

Anonymous 31 July, 2016

SAD !!!. Good,but seems UNABLE to create files with LONG articles ???