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Call From Freddy showcase: A free app that has the FNAF Freddy call you

Instead of getting a call from Freddy Krueger, you get a call from five nights Freddy the teddy. The Call From Freddy app installs on your phone and masquerades as entries in a phone book. Call the numbers and the Freddy teddy answers with a pre-recorded message. The image of the Freddy Teddy also appears.

A real image of the teddy is used in the app

Maybe the developers bought the rights to the actual image of the teddy and sounds from the FNAF game, or maybe they used the image and sounds without seeking permission. Suffice it to say that this is not an official Five Nights At Freddys (FNAF) app. The Call From Freddy app has three entries in what is formatted to look like a phone book. Each entry has a slightly different picture of the Freddy Teddy. Click on one of the entries and you hear a ringing noise. You have to answer the call, and one of three messages will play depending on the entry you chose. The first sound is the sound of him breathing and then growling. Sound number two is a growl that sound like he is also gargling. Sound number three is a raspy laugh from the teddy.

It is pretty bad, but it is free, and only suitable for obsessive FNAF fans

All the Call From Freddy app includes is a mock up of a phone book with three fake phone numbers in it. One gets the feeling that the app was supposed to feature a phonebook full of characters from FNAF, but it was released starring just the teddy. After the phone calls, the screen will turn grey and an advert will appear. Only the most obsessive FNAF fans will need this free app. Most other fans will be able to live without it.

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