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Adblock Pro is one of the best Add-ons & Tools apps software basic on Mac that can be installing for PC windows 10/7/8.1 & Laptop MAC.

Adblock Pro windows 10

Adblock Pro showcase: Farewell to annoying ads on the Internet

Adblock Pro is a plugin that blocks and eliminates ads, banners and publicity while you browse the Internet with Google Chrome. It is effective and can be configured the way you want.

Say goodbye to ads on web pages, portals and social networks

Adblock Pro eliminates ads from Facebook, YouTube, Google, Gmail and any other web page. To do this, it uses a system based on filter lists: there are 13 available filters in total (Italian included). By defect, and if available, the plugin will use the specific filter for your language.

Adblock Pro allows you to create a white list, thanks to which you can enable specific ads and publicity sites. For the more advanced users it is also possible to create lists with customized filters.

Good usability

The Adblock Pro icon is set next to the address bar. One click opens a menu, from which you will be able to:

De-activate ad blocking for the site you are visualizing Create a new filter Access the option menu (well-organized, intuitive and in Italian)

During the test, Adblock Pro has eliminated ads, banners and publicity from web pages we have visualized. In Facebook, for instance, it eliminates the ads on the side bar, while on YouTube it keeps ads from appearing on videos. In short, it keeps its promises and does not bother you while you browse. Its only defect is its use of RAM, which is a bit hight.


Adblock Pro is a recommended plugin to avoid annoying ads while web browsing. You install it and it thinks of everything, keeping in mind that its default configuration is already perfect!

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People Says About Adblock Pro

Anonymous 27 August, 2015

just superbbbb.... its great..its awesome......its cool..........its simple.......................... Pros: everything

Anonymous 6 May, 2015

ABP, it's not just for pc's any more, try it on your kindle!. Fantastic! My desktop pc is relieved of endless BS ads! This morning I tried to read an article linked to from about old names coming back for babies. ok, there I went, banner at the bottom. NExt page, banner at bottom, covering part of article. Hmmm... the banner has a circled X in the upper righ, so my swipy stick nbails it dead on- and oens the ad. Hmmm... deceptive? BACK, try again, sane result, th X is not a close function, it's a lure. ok, BACK, next page. New banner, and another OVER the article, ferint and center. Grrr... So I searched kindle app store for adblock- and found adblock pro, FREE. Guess who now has an ad free kindle? ME ME ME! If they had not been deceptive and intrusive, it would have never happened. KARMA, it's a wonderful thing. Pros: Unobtrusive, keeps invasive and/or intrusive ads out of my kindle fire. low impact on the system. Cons: A utility to han dle modifying the network settings on my kindle fire.

Anonymous 8 October, 2013

PERFECT!. It's fantastic! better than adblock plus!! i love this program!